The 2020 Hudson Valley Jazz Festival was held  August 13-16

Principle sponsor : BMW     And thank you Orange County Arts Council of New  York for your grant.

We completed  the 11th season for The Hudson Valley Jazz Festival.

These are extraordinary times and it has given rise to creative solutions from artists. There were  fewer shows , but we felt it was a success.

We’re looking at 2021, August 12-15 for our 12th. season.  More info to come.  We generally have shows led by Hudson Valley NY resident jazz artists. Who they hire to be in their groups is up to them.  Since we rely on participating venues to be producers of shows, you may often see many of the same players each season.  Ideally we’d like it to be different.  To broaden the type of music, the players and places.  The way that happens is by raising funds.

If you’d like to be involved, we’d love to have you.

Emailed us:  hudsonvalleyjazzfest@gmail.com