How does the festival work?    We’re different.  The Hudson Valley Jazz Festival is not a single stage event. We’re happening in cafes, libraries, restaurants, town parks, clubs, community centers, theaters and even an organic farm.

How do I get considered to perform?

We’re focused primarily on Hudson Valley area artists.  For many of the shows the presenting venue or a group of sponsors hires who performs, with guidance from us. There are many artists deserving of recognition.  We look forward to the time when we have the kind of funding and staging to include all .  But for now, just about every show is led by a Hudson Valley  area resident.  Oh yep, they can hire who they want for their bands.  Yes we’ve had some “name recognizable” musicians perform in the past.  That’s our way of helping raise the profile of the valley’s deep resource of jazz talent.

No one draws salary or makes subjective choices on talent or who’s deserving. We honor the venues that regularly present live music and the bands that help keep this alive and well. It would be great to have additional sponsoring venues, different musicians and styles for each new season. We welcome the input and participation of anyone toward helping achieve this goal. Thank you.