News for 2021

So our festival operates a little different.  We’re not  just a single stage well funded event.  The festival is also held in multiple locations, clubs, cafes, restaurants and parks.

Those participating venues are often producers of the individual shows.  In that regard, they hire who they’d prefer with guidance from the festival.
We create oversight to see that there aren’t multiple bookings for the same show and establish a schedule that will maximize turnout.
  For 2021, while we may have a primary theatre space , the  performing groups are led by Hudson Valley NY resident artists primarily.  Of course who they hire is up to the band leader.
This enables us to secure local grants and financial support from the area where these musicians are familiar.  It also creates a festival identity.  “Raising the profile of local jazz artists deserving wider recognition”.
Additionally, we engage local musicians to be part of a collective in that they seek out supporter / backers for their shows to help create a performance.
Everyone is paid .  There are no door gigs.   The festival is run by volunteers.
It’s unorthodox, we know.  But it is the best we can do to raise money for jazz in these challenging times.
In the past we’ve featured some well known names in the jazz field to help promote the festival and benefit the locals by association. That is dependent upon how our fund raising goes each season.
Wish we had the type of financial independence to directly hire all the wonderful jazz musicians with work more then worthy to be heard.  At this time, we do not, so we’ve adopted this formula.
We hope you’ll come up to the Hudson Valley, connect with musicians and become part of “the scene”.
Wishing you continued deserved success in your work.