We’ll be donating a percentage to The Jazz Foundation of America and the work they do for artists including health care , housing and education support.


The Orange County Arts Council NY                      



Jazz Promo Services

The Village of Warwick and The Village of Warwick Concert Series.

Warwick Center for The Performing Arts 

Thank you Melissa for helping with providing space and support to the jazz community.

The Pine Island Chamber of Commerce                 

Tony and Peggy Cosimano                              Donna Lavins & Sheldon Cotler

Bettina Skye                                                       Garrett Durland

The Iron Forge Inn                                          Moffat Library, Washingtonville

                                                                             The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union                                        



Orange County Hops                                           Fisher’s Auto Repair

On The Lawn Concerts, SugarLoaf  

Warwick Valley Winery                                        Catskill Mountain Pizza Company

Chill Wine Bar,  Beacon NY                                 Bloominghill Farms, Monroe

Amity Gallery                                                      The Wherehouse, Newburgh NY

Trattoria Marbella, Ellenville                          Orange School of Dance

 Rustic Wheelhouse, Chester                            MGS Music      

Palaia Winery                                                       Pennings Farm & Market

Lydia’s Cafe, Stone Ridge                                     Orange County Summer Concert Series

The Warwick Historical Society                            Warwick Valley Bed & Breakfast

Courtyard Music Series, Warwick                   Alto Music, Middletown

Warwick Info .net                                                

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